10th Hydra Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics – Ajaccio, Corsica, 28 –29 September, 2012

 Harris Dellas organize this great series of conferences (named after the original location, the island of Hydra near Athens in Greece). I have already been to a few. I am lucky enough to be invited once more. I am discussing there a paper of Pat Kehoe and Virgiliu Midrigan, “The Puzzling Behavior of Sectoral Real
Exchange Rates“.

Below is the program. Here is the site of the conference.

Friday, September 28

09:45-10:45 Chair: Benoit Mojon (Bank of France)
Fiscal Multipliers: Liquidity Traps and Currency Unions [download]
Emmanuel Farhi* (Harvard University) and Ivan Werning (MIT, NBER) Discussant: Behzad Diba (Georgetown University)

11:00-12:00 Chair: Carlos Lenz (SNB)
Public Debt as Private Liquidity: Optimal Policy
George-Marios Angeletos* (MIT, NBER), Fabrice Collard, Harris Dellas, and Behzad Diba
Discussant: Pedro Teles (Bank of Portugal and Catholic University of Portugal)

Fiscal Unions [download]
Emmanuel Farhi (Harvard University) and Ivan Werning* (MIT, NBER)
Discussant: Patrick Kehoe (University of Minnesota, FRB Minneapolis, NBER)

14:00-15:00 Chair: Jouko Vilmunen (Bank of Finland)
A Theory of Asset Prices Based on Heterogeneous Information
Elias Albagli, Christian Hellwig* (University of Toulouse), Aleh Tsyvinski
Discussant: Felix Kubler (UZH, SFI)

Precautionary Saving over the Business Cycle [download]
Edouard Challe* (Ecole Polytechnique, CREST and Banque de France ) and Xavier Ragot (Paris School of Economics and Banque de France)
Discussant:  Morten Ravn (UCL)

Saturday, September 29

10.00-11.00 Chair: Antti Ripatti (University of Helsinki)
The Role of Automatic Stabilizers in the U.S. Business Cycle [download]
Alisdair McKay and Ricardo Reis* (Columbia University, NBER)
Discussant: Mark Bils (University of Rochester)

11.15-12.15 Chair: Daniele Terlizzese (EIEF, Bank of Italy)
The Puzzling Behavior of Sectoral Real Exchange Rates [download]
Patrick Kehoe (University of Minnesota, FRB Minneapolis, NBER)
Discussant: Franck Portier  (University of Toulouse)

Financial Health Economics [download]
Ralph Koijen, Tomas Philipson and Harald Uhlig* (University of Chicago, CentER, NBER and CEPR)
Discussant:  Oreste Tristani (ECB)

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