ENTER Jamboree – Brussels – March 8 and 9

enterI attended lasty week the ENTER Jamboree (@ ECARES in Université Libre de Bruxelles), where I gave the faculty talk for TSE.

The EUROPEAN NETWORK FOR TRAINING IN ECONOMIC RESEARCH is a cooperative venture between eight leading European Economics Departments, located in Barcelona (Spain), Brussels (Belgium), London (United Kingdom), Madrid (Spain), Mannheim (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), Tilburg (the Netherlands) and Toulouse (France). As explained on the ENTER website:

during the 1990 World Congress of the Econometric Society in Barcelona, Salvador Barbera, Richard Blundell, Eric van Damme, Jean-Jacques Laffont and Konrad Stahl met to discuss the possibility of creating an exchange of doctoral students between Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, UCL, CentER Tilburg, Université I de Toulouse and the University of Mannheim. All these places were in the process of creating structured Ph.D. programs in Economics. The exchange of students started in 1992, and the first jamboree took place in 1994 in Ladenburg close by Mannheim (Germany).
A couple of years later, ECARE (nowdays ECARES) of ULB joined the club, which was further enlarged with the joint doctoral program of the Stockholm School of Economics and the University of Stockholm in 2003, and reached its present composition in 2007 with the addition of University Carlos III of Madrid.”

Pierre Dubois is the current ENTER coordinator for TSE (I did it 10 years from 1999 to 2009). Patrick Fève is also involved as director of the doctoral school.

The programme of the Jambboree can be found there. Lot of good papers from students of the network.

I presented a kind of introduction to modern busines cycle macro, before briefly telling the story of our Gains From Trade paper with Paul Beaudry. The slides of that talk can be found here.

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