Financial Markets and the Real Economy Conference, May 4 and 5, 2013, Venice

VeniseMarija Vukotic (Warwick) and my former colleague in Toulouse (now in Warwick) Roberto Pancrazi organized a great conference in Venice last weekend. Below is the program. I discussed  a paper by Marija, Roberto and Hernan D. Seoane (from Carlos III, Madrid) entitled “Sovereign Debt Crisis and Private Credit”. Here is my discussion. Two of my colleagues (or future colleagues), Christian Hellwig and Robert Ulbricht, were presenting.

The program of the conference was:

Saturday, May 4th

8.30am -9.00am: Coffee Break

Session 1

9.00am -9.50am
• Joaquin Blaum (Brown University). “Wealth Inequality and the Losses from Financial Frictions”.

Discussant: Luigi Iovino (Bocconi) 9.50am-10.40am

• Roberto Fattal Jaef (IMF). “Anatomy of a Credit Crunch: from Capital to Labor Markets”, with Francisco Buera and Yongseok Shin.
Discussant: Federico M. Signoretti (Bank of Italy)

10.40am-11.10am: Coffee Break

Session 2

11.10am -12.00pm
• Enrique Mendoza (U. Pennsylvania). “Financial Innovation, the Discovery of Risk, and the U.S. Credit Crisis”, with Emine Boz.

Discussant: Keyu Jin (London School of Economics) 12.00pm -12.50pm

• Julien Bengui (Universite de Montreal). “Macro-Prudential Policy Coordination and Global Regulatory Spillovers”.
Discussant: Julien Matheron (Banque de France)

1.00pm-3.30pm: Lunch

Session 3

3.30pm -4.20pm
• Hernan D. Seoane (U. Carlos III de Madrid). “Sovereign Debt Crisis and Private Credit”, with Roberto Pancrazi and Marija Vukotic.

Discussant: Franck Portier (Toulouse School of Economics) 4.20pm -5.10pm

• Nicola Gennaioli (Bocconi). “ Banks, Government Bonds, and Default: What do the data Say?”, with Alberto Martin and Stefano Rossi.
Discussant: Marcella Lucchetta (Universita’ Ca’Foscari di Venezia)

5.10pm -6.00pm
• Vincenzo Cuciniello (Bank of Italy). “ Large Banks and Monetary Policy”, with Federico M. Signoretti.

Discussant: Refet Gürkaynak (Bilkent University)

7.30pm: Conference Dinner

Sunday, May 5th

8.30am -9.00am: Coffee Break

Session 4

9.00am -9.50am
• Robert Ulbricht (University of Munich). “Credit Crunches, Information Failures, and the Persistence of Pessimism”, with Ludwig Straub

Discussant: Roberto Pancrazi (University of Warwick) 9.50am-10.40am

• Christian Hellwig (Toulouse School of Economics). “Hayek Vs Keynes: Incomplete Information and Market Prices”, with .
Discussant: Patrick Pintus (Aix-Marseille School of Economics)

10.40am-11.10am: Coffee Break

Session 5

11.10am -12.00pm
• Juan Carlos Hatchondo (Indiana U. and Richmond Fed). “International Reserves and

Rollover Risk”, with Javier Bianchi and Leonardo Martinez.

Discussant: Marija Vukotic (University of Warwick) 12.00pm -12.50pm

• Philippe Bacchetta (University of Lausanne). “The Great Recession: A Self-Fulfilling Global Panic”, with Eric van Wincoop.
Discussant: Nicola Borri (Luiss University)

12.50pm Closing

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