Society of Economic Dynamics 2013 Meeting, June 27-29, Seoul

33_smallI have attended the 2013 SED meeting in Seoul. As good as always. This conference is by far my favorite one: a lot of good economics and a lot of fun.  I presented my  paper with Paul Beaudry, “Understanding Non-Inflationary Demand Driven Business Cycles”, in a session organized by Pontus Rendahl.

Here is the program of that session:

Session 56: Demand Effects and Labour Market Interactions

June 28, 2013 13:00 to 15:00

1. Understanding Non-Inflationary Demand Driven Business Cycles

By Paul Beaudry; University of British Columbia & Franck Portier; Toulouse School of Economics

Presented by: Franck Portier, Toulouse School of Economics

2. A Theory of Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand as Functions of Market Tightness with Prices as Parameters

By Pascal Michaillat; London School of Economics & Emmanuel Saez; UC Berkeley

Presented by: Pascal Michaillat, London School of Economics

3. Precautionary Saving and Aggregate Demand

By Edouard Challe; Ecole Polytechnique & Julien Matheron; Banque de France & Xavier Ragot; Paris School of Economics &Juan Rubio-Ramirez; Duke University

Presented by: Edouard Challe, Ecole Polytechnic

4. Unemployment (Fears), Precautionary Savings, and Aggregate Demand

By Pontus Rendahl; University of Cambridge

Presented by: Pontus Rendahl, University of Cambridge

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