Macro Reading Group

books Here is a message from Lorenzo Prosperi concerning the 2013-2014 Macro Reading Group:

Dear All,

I hope everyone had good holidays. Also this year we are starting the Macro reading group and I hope also this year will be a really useful experience as last year was. I am sending this email to the participants of last year MRG but I encourage you to forward this email to everyone who may be interested and share this information with the M2 students.
The first session of the reading group has been already set. The first meeting of the reading group will take place next Tuesday 17 from 15:30 to 16:30 in MF 323
This is only a temporary schedule, indeed there is an overlap with Jean Tirole’s class. Next meeting we could maybe spend 5 minutes to decide another schedule for the weeks after.
For the beginning of the year we are organizing the meeting as we were doing at the beginning of the previous year: 3 presentations of 15 minutes to  be completed in one hour. Hence every partecipant should come with a short presentation (in pdf or power point) and be prepared to present it in front of the class. You can freely decide any paper in a macro topic that is recent and that has been published in top journals
I will keep you posted for any possible change. 
Best Regards,
Lorenzo Prosperi 

Phd Candidate Toulouse School of Economics

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