The first SAFE Exploratory Workshop on Transparency: Information generation, disclosure, and their effects on the economy – Frankfurt, Germany, October 4-5, 2103

GoetheI am attending the first SAFE Exploratory Workshop on Transparency. I am presenting some pieces of my  paper Paul Beaudry”News Driven Business Cycles: Insights and Challenges”.

The conference program is below:

4th October

9.30 am: Welcome coffee and registration
10.00 am: Ruben Enikolopov (Pompeu Fabra, New Economic School Moscow), Maria Petrova, and Konstantin Sonin, “Do political blogs matter? Corruption in state-controlled companies, blog postings, and DDoS attacks”, Discussant: Devesh Rustagi (Goethe University)

11.15 am Abbie Smith (University of Chicago Booth School of Business), Robert Davidson and Aiyesha Dey, “Executives’ and Legal Records, Lavish Lifestyles and Insider Trading Activities”, Discussant: Christine Zulehner (University Vienna and Goethe University)

1.45 pm Franck Portier (Toulouse School of Economics), Paul Beaudry, “News Driven Business Cycles: Insights and Challenges”, Discussant: Laura Moretti (Goethe University)

3.00 pm Brainstorming session animated by Christian Leuz (University of Chicago Booth School of Economics), “Economic consequences and real-effects of transparency regulation”

4.30 pm Richard Holden (University of New South Wales) and Roland Fryer, “Multitasking, Learning and Incentives: A Cautionary Tale”, Discussant: Alex White (Tsinghua University)

5th October

9.00 am Fanny Camara (Toulouse School of Economics), “Competition, Information Acquisition and Disclosure: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry”, Discussant: Sascha Baghestanian (Goethe University)

10.15 am Christian Laux (WU Wien), Gyöngyi Loranth and Alan Morrison, “Internal Auditing and Capital Structure”, Discussant: Guido Friebel (Goethe University)

11.30 am Thomas Mosk (Goethe University Frankfurt), “Delegation of Authority and Information Manipulation: Evidence from Bank Lending Decisions”, Discussant: Nick Zubanov (Goethe University)

1.30 pm Florian Ederer (Yale School of Management), Richard Holden and Margaret Meyer, “Gaming and Strategic Ambiguity in Incentive Provision”, Discussant: Ferdinand von Siemens (Goethe University)

2.45 pm Eugene Soltes (Harvard Business School), “Who Consumes Public Disclosure? Evidence from Conference Call Engagement”, Discussant: Martin Götz (Goethe University)

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