5th Joint French Macro Workshop – December 6, 2013, Paris

Florin Bilbiie (PSE) and myself  organized the  5th Joint French Macro Workshop. The workshop was (almost)  as usual held in the Banue de France.

This series of workshop is jointly organized by CREST/Polytechnique, the Paris School of Economics, SciencesPo and the Toulouse School of Economics; with the financial and logistic support of the Fondation Banque de France pour la recherche en économie.

Roger Guesnerie was this edition keynote speaker.

The (always exciting) program was:

Maren Froeml (EUI Florence), “General Equilibrium Effects of Targeted Transfers: The case of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)” (with Charles Gottlieb)

Jean Barthélemy (Banque de France), “Monetary Policy Switching and Indeterminacy” (with Magali Marx)

Jean-Paul L’Huillier (Einaudi Institute), “Technological Revolutions and Debt Hangovers: Is There a Link?” (with Dan Cao)

Roger Guesnerie (PSE et Collège de France), « Eductive Stability in Real Business Cycle Models » (with Georges Evans and Bruce McGough)

Christian Hellwig (Toulouse School of Economics), Keynote Speech: “Risk- taking, Rent-seeking, and CEO compensation when financial markets are noisy”

Hitoshi Tsujiyama (Goethe University Frankfurt), “Optimal Income Taxation” (with Jonathan Heathcote)

Taneli Mäkinen (Banca d’Italia) “Information Acquisition and Learning from Prices Over the Business Cycle” (with Björn Ohl)

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