6th Joint French Macro Workshop –June 5, 2014, Paris

Pierre-Olivier Weil  (PSE) and my colleague Christian Hellwig from TSE organized the  7th Joint French Macro Workshop. The workshop was (almost)  as usual held in the Banque de France.

This series of workshop is jointly organized by CREST/Polytechnique, the Paris School of Economics, SciencesPo and the Toulouse School of Economics; with the financial and logistic support of the Fondation Banque de France pour la recherche en économie.

Roger Guesnerie was this edition keynote speaker.

The (again exciting) program was:

  • David Hémous (INSEAD and CEPR) “The rise of the machines: automation, horizontal innovation and income inequality” (with Morten Olse, IESE)
  • Julia Schmidt (Banque de France) « Technological standardization, endogeneous productivity and transitory dynamics » (with Justus Baron, Northwestern U.)
  • Michael Weber (Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley) “Nominal rigidities and asset pricing”
  • Keynote paper. Thomas Philippon (New York University) “Inspecting the mechanism : leverage and the great recession in Europe” (with Philippe Martin, Sciences Po). Paper funded by the Foundation.
  • Keynote paper. Mariacristina De Nardi (UCL, FRB Chicago and NBER) Paper to be decided
  • Roberto Pancrazi (University of Warwick) “Natural expectations and home equity extraction” (with Mario Pietrunti, Banca d’Italia and TSE)
  • Sergei Guriev (Sciences Po and NES Moscow) “The economy of People’s Republic of China from 1953” (with Anton Cheremukhin, FRB Dallas, Mikhail Golosov, Princeton and NES, and Aleh Tsyvinski, Yale)

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