12th Hydra Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics – Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 3 –4 October, 2014

MallorcaHarris Dellas organize this great series of conferences (named after the original location, the island of Hydra near Athens in Greece). TSE is a sponsor of the workshop and I co-orgaznized the 2014 edition. I discussed Krusell and Smith’s Global Warminf paper (see the discussion page)

Here is the program of the workshop:

Learning from Market Share when Consumers are Rationally Inattentive (download), Andrew Caplin (NYU), John Leahy* (NYU) and Filip Matějka (Charles University)

Macroeconomics and Global Climate Change: Transition for a Many-Region Economy, Per Krusell* (IIES, Stockholm University) and A. Smith (Yale University)

Austerity (download),Harris Dellas (University of Bern), Dirk Niepelt* (SZG, University of Bern)

Debt Maturity (download) ,Mark Aguiar (Princeton University)

Sovereign Default: The Role of Expectations (download),Gaston Navarro, Juan Pablo Nicolini, Pedro Teles* (Bank of Portugal, Universita Cattolica)

Social Insurance, Information Revelation, and Lack of Commitment (download),Mikhail Golosov (Princeton University) and Luigi Iovino (Bocconi)

Risk-Taking, Rent-Seeking, and Investment when Financial Markets are Noisy (download),Elias Albagli (USC), Christian Hellwig* (Toulouse University),   Aleh Tsyvinski (Yale University)

Precautionary saving and aggregate demand (download), Edward Challe (CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, BdFR), Julien Matheron (Banque de France), Xavier Ragot (CNRS, PSE)  Juan Rubio Ramirez (Duke University)

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