Post-Crisis Macroeconomics Workshop, University of Edinburgh, Tuesday 17th October, 2017

I am attending the Post-Crisis Macroeconomics Workshop organized at University of Edinburgh on Tuesday 17th October, 2017. I will present some new work with Paul Beaudry Real Keynesian Models and Sticky Prices”

According to the MacCaLM page of the workshop,

On Tuesday 17th October the project will host a Post-Crisis Marcoeconomics Workshop in Edinburgh. We welcome speakers:

  • Paul Beaudry (University of Oxford) ‘The Business Cycle and the Financial Cycle: Properties and Links’
  • David Romer (University of California, Berkeley) ‘New Evidence of the Aftermath of Financial Crises in Advanced Countries’
  • Franck Portier (UCL) ‘Real Keynesian Models and Sticky prices’
  • John Moore (University of Edinburgh & LSE) ‘Leverage Stacks and the Financial System’

MacCaLM has teamed up the David Hume Institute to host a public lecture in the evening with Christina Romer presenting her paper ‘Why Some Times Really Are Different: Macroeconomic Policy and the Aftermath of Financial Crises’.

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