Barcelona-Toulouse Skiminar, Andorra, March 8-9 2018

Edouard Schaal, Vladimir Asriyan (CREI-Universitat Pompeu Fabra)  and Martial Dupaigne (TSE) organized the fourth trans-pyrenenan workshop in macroeconomics in Andorra (El Tarter to be precise), which I like to call a macro skiminar. It has been as good as ever (and even better). Program was:

Thursday March 8:
– Nicolas Werquin “Generalized Compensation Principle”
– Isaac Baley “Mismatch Cycles” (with Ana Figueiredo)
– Franck Portier “Real Keynesian Models and Sticky Prices” (with Paul Beaudry)
– Jaume Ventura “Monetary policy for a bubbly world” (with Luca Fornaro, Alberto Marti and Vladimir Asriyan)
Friday March 9:
– Manuel Garcia-Santana “Investment Demand and Structural Change” (with Josep Pijoan-Mas and Lucciano Villacorta)
– Tim Lee “Economic Reunifications”
– Alberto Martin “Collateral Booms and Information Depletion” (with Vladimir Asriyan)
– Patrick Fève “When is Nonfundamentalness in SVARs a Real Problem?”

and the participants were

  • Axelle Ferrière (EUI)
  • Vladimir Asriyan (CREI)
  • Alberto Martin(CREI)
  • Isaac Baley (CREI)
  • Fernando Broner (CREI)
  • Martial Dupaigne (TSE)
  • Manuel Garcia-Santana (CREI)
  • Patrick Fève (TSE)
  • Tim Lee (TSE)
  • Franck Portier (UCL and TSE)
  • Nicolas Werquin (TSE)
  • Jaume Ventura (CREI)

Above is a proof of attendance, here is the dream team

Top row (left to right): Tim Lee, Nic Werquin, Isaac Bailey, Vlad Asryian, Fernando Broner, Jaume Ventura, Martial Magic Dupaigne, Alberto Martin.

Bottom row (left to right) : Axelle Ferrière, Franck Portier, Patrick Fève, Mano Garcia-Santana

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