Real Keynesian Models and Sticky Prices, 3rd Workshop on Macroeconomic and Financial Time Series Analysis, University of Lancaster, June 6-7, 2019

I am giving a keynote speech at the 3rd Workshop on Macroeconomic and Financial Time Series Analysis of the University of Lancaster. The other keynote speaker will be Gary Koop. The worskshop is organised by Philllip Renner, William Tayler and Roy Zilberman. 

I will present my work with Chenyu Hou and Paul Beaudry “Real Keynesian Models and Sticky Prices”. The slides of my presentation are available.

The program of the workshop is:

Thursday, 6th of June

12:50-13:00: WELCOME – Maurizio Zanardi (Head of Economics Department, Lancaster University Management School)

13:00-14:00: KEYNOTE – Franck Portier (University College London) – Real Keynesian Models and Sticky Prices (with Paul Beaudry)

14:30–15:00: Haroon Mumtaz (Queen Mary) – Changing impact of shocks : a time-varying proxy SVAR approach (with Katerina Petrova)

15:00–15:30: Alex Clymo (University of Essex) – Dispersion over the Business Cycle : Productivity versus Demand

15:30–16:00: Tom Holden (Deutsche Bundesbank) – The relative price of capital is increasing.

16:30–17:00: Roy Zilberman (Lancaster University) – Macroprudential Interventions in Liquidity Traps (with William Tayler)

17:00–17:30: Ferre De Graeve (KU Leuven) – Understanding International Long-Term Interest Rate Comovement (with Michael Chin, Thomai Filippeli and Konstantinos Theodoridis)

17:30–18:00: Agnes Kovacs (University of Manchester) – Temptation and Commitment: Understanding the Demand for Illiquidity

Friday, 7th of June

09:30-10:00: Andrea Colciago (De Nederlandsche Bank) – Competition and Inequality: Bewley and Aiyagari meet Bertrand and Cournot

10:00-10:30: Chris Redl (Bank of England) – Uncertainty Matters : Evidence from Close elections

10:30-11:00: Cristiano Cantore (Bank of England, University of Surrey and Centre for Macroeconomics) – Workers, Capitalists, and the Government: The Labor Share Response to Fiscal Spending Shocks (with Lukas Freund and Giovanni Melina)

11:30-12:30: KEYNOTE – Gary Koop (University of Strathclyde) – Regional Output Growth in the United Kingdom: More Timely and Higher Frequency Estimates, 1970-2017 (with Stuart McIntyre, James Mitchell and Aubrey Poon)

13:30-14:00: Federica Romei (Stockholm School of Economics) – Sovereign Default in a Monetary Union (with Sergio de Ferra)

14:00-14:30: Sergio de Ferra (Stockholm University) – External Imbalances, Gross Capital Flows and Sovereign Debt Crises

14:30-15:00: Mirko Abbritti (Universidad de Navarra) – Market Regulation, Cycles and Growth in a Monetary Union (with Sebastian Weber)

15:30-16:00: Maik Wolters (Friedrich Schiller University Jena) – Reliable Real-Time Output Gap Estimates Based on a Modified Hamilton Filter.

16:00-16:30: Serhiy Stepanchuk (University of Southamption) – Dynamic Perturbation

16:30-17:00: Yifan Li (University of Manchester) – Renewal Based Volatility Estimation (with Ingmar Nolte and Sandra Nolte)

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