Putting the Cycle Back In Business Cycle Analysis, Birkbeck Centre for Applied Macroeconomics Annual Workshop, Birkbeck College, June 14, 2019

I attended yesterday the annual workshop of the Centre for Applied Macroeconomics at Birkbeck College. I have presented my work with Paul Beaudry and Dana Galizia, “Putting the Cycle Back In Business Cycle Analysis”

The workshop organisers were Yunus Aksoy and Pedro Gomes, and the program was:

  1. Innovate to Lead or Innovate to Prevail: When do Monopolistic Rents Induce Growth?, Yu Zeng, Queen Mary UL (with Piazza)
  2. Public Employment in a Theory of Underemployment, Pedro Gomes, Birkbeck (with Garibaldi)
  3. A Rational Inattention Unemployment Trap, Martin Ellison (Oxford)
  4. The Relationship between VAR and DSGE Models when Agents have Imperfect Information, Stephen Wright, Birkbeck (with Levine, Pearlman)
  5. Time Variation in Lifecycle Consumption and Housing WealthYunus Aksoy, Birkbeck (with Basso and St Aubyn)
  6. Putting the Cycle Back into Business Cycle Analysis, Franck Portier, UCL (with Beaudry and Galizia)
  7. Macroeconomic Impact of EuroRon Smith, Birkbeck (with Akhmedieva)
  8. Rationalizing Trading Frequency and Returns: Maybe Trading is Good for YouRussell Cooper, European University Institute (with Bonaparte and Sha)

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