DEEQA-Advanced Macro-TSE

This is the page of the Advanced Macro course in DEEQA

Toulouse School of Economics



The course is taught by Christian Hellwig & Franck Portier in the first term, and Stéphane Dupraz & Franck Portier in the second term.

This page concerns only the part I am teaching.

These lectures will begin by a review and a critical assessment of the dominant theories of business cycles. We will then discuss a set of empirical observations that have motivated recent alternative lines of inquiry. In the process, we will discuss the merits and pitfalls of using VAR evidence and Bayesian estimation for motivating business cycle research.

We will then discuss the challenges and desirability of building a macroeconomic model where demand forces drive fluctuations with or without relying on sticky prices. We will overview a set of models aimed overcoming these challenges. .

A substantial fraction of the lectures and course work will be directed towards mastering the tools required for solving and estimating stochastic dynamic general equilibrium models.