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Lecture 1 : (Very) Long Run Growth
  • session 1: sections 1 to 4 : The Big Picture, The Malthusian Regime, The Industrial Revolution, The Great Divergence, Demographics and the simple functioning of the Malthusian regime. Class Notes
  • session 2:  Demographics and the simple functioning of the Malthusian regime, A (quite) simple mathematical model of life expectancy, A simple model of the (very) long economic history. Class Notes
  • session 3: A simple model of the (very) long economic history. Class Notes (16 april update)
Lecture 2 : The Liquidity Trap
  • session 3: Introduction
  • session 4: IS-LM, Facts. Class Notes
  • session 5 and 6: A Micro-founded Model. Class Notes
Lecture 3 : Income and Wealth Inequalities
  • session 6: Introduction, Income distribution in history of economic thought.
  • session 7: Kuznets’ facts, Piketty’s facts, Piketty’s two “laws of capitalism”, k/y in the Solow model and beyond. Class Notes
  • session 8The elasticity of substitution between k and l 
Lecture 4 : Sustainable Growth and Easter Island Economics
  • session 8A Short Story of Easter Island.
  • session 9: A Model for the dynamics of Easter Island, Applying the Model to Easter Island. Class Notes
Lecture 5 : Hyperinflation
  • session 10: Long Run Facts, Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic, Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe 2008-2009, Modeling hyperinflation and the role of expectations.


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 Previous Exams

  • 2013-2014 (TSE): ExamSolution (only parts III and IV are relevant)
  • 2014-2015 (TSE): ExamSolution (only parts II and IV are relevant)