Here are gathered the slides of discussions I made. There are mainly here for the record, as those slides are not intended to be read, but to be used as a support for an oral discussion.

  1. Discussion of  “Optimal Cooperative Taxation in the Global Economy” by V. V. Chari, Juan Pablo Nicolini & Pedro Teles, Sept 28, 2019, Hydra Conference, Majorca
  2. Discussion of “Intangibles, Inequality and Stagnation” by Nobuhiro Kiyotaki & Shengxing Zhang,  April 7, 2018, EIEF, Rome 
  3. Discussion of “Productivity and Misallocation in General Equilibrium” by David Rezza Baqaee & Emmanuel Farhi, Monetary Policy Challenges Conference, Banque de France & Deutsche Bundesbank, June 21, 2018, Paris
  4. Discussion of “Forward Guidance without Common Knowledge  (or, Managing Expectations) ” by George-Marios Angeletos & Chen Lian, Hydra 2017 conference, September 29-30, Alghero
  5. Discussion of “Monetary Policy and Bubbles in a New Keynesian Model with Overlapping Generations” by Jordi Galí,, The new macroeconomics of aggregate fluctuations and stabilisation policy, UCL-ADEMU Conference , May 19-20, 2017, London
  6. Discussion of “The Tail that Wags the Economy: Belief-Driven Business Cycles and Persistent Stagnation” by Kozlowski, Veldkamp & Venkateswaran, CEPR-EUI-IMF conference on Secular Stagnation, Florence, June 18-19, 2015
  7. Discussion of “On the Allocation of Time” by Georg Duernecker (Mannheim) and Berthold Herrendorf (Arizona State University), CMSG 2014, Hamilton, Canada
  8. Discussion of  “A Global Economy-Climate Model with High Regional Resolution” by Per Krusell and Athony Smith, 2014 Hydra Workshop, Palma de Mallorca
  9. Discussion of “Whither News Shocks?” by Barsky, Basu & Lee, NBER Macroeconomic Annual, 2014, April 11-12, 2014, Boston
  10. Discussion of  “The Great Recession: A Self-fulfilling Global Panic” presented by Philippe Bacchetta (UNIL) and coauthored with Eric van Wincoop (University of Virginia), Understanding low growth conference, Bank of England, December 9-10, 2013
  11. Discussion of “Sudden stops and expenditure switching: The role of income and relative prices” by Rudolfs Bems (IMF) and Julian di Giovanni (IMF), Heterogeneity in Currency Areas and Macroeconomic Policies conference, ECB, November 28 and 29, 2013, Frankfurt
  12. Discussion of “The expectations-driven U.S. current account ” by Mathias Hoffmann (Deutsche Bundesbank), Michael U. Krause (Deutsche Bundesbank) and Thomas Laubach (Federal Reserve Board), Banque de France – Bundesbank Workshop, May 2013, Paris
  13. Discussion of “Sovereign Debt Crisis and Private Credit” by Roberto Pancrazi, Hernan D. Seoane and Marija Vukotic, presented by Hernan D. Seoane at the Warwick in Venice conference  “Financial Markets and the Real Economy” , May 4 and 5, 2013
  14. Présentation pour la table ronde “La crise … de la science économique”, Jéco 2012, Lyon, 9 novembre 2012
  15. Discussion of “The Puzzling Behavior of Sectoral Real Exchange Rates” by Patrick J. Kehoe and Virgiliu Midrigan, presented by Pat Kehoe at the 10th Hydra Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics – Ajaccio, Corsica, 28 –29 September, 2012
  16. Discussion of “Wealth and Volatility” by Jonathan Heathcote and Fabrizio Perri, presented by Jonathan at the CEPR June 2012 European Summer Symposium in International Macroeconomics (ESSIM).
  17. Discussion of “Long-run Growth Expectations and Global Imbalances” by Mathias Hoffmann, Michael U. Krause, Thomas Laubach, presented by Michael at the conference Information, Beliefs and Economic Policy, december 2011, European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main
  18. Discussion of “The economics of information congestion” by Simon P. Anderson and André de Palma, presented by Simon at the conference The Psychology and Economics of Scarce Attention, september 2011, Toulouse.

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